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Is It Advisable To Stick To Keto Diet?


Individuals have tried various ways to shed pounds over the years, and while most of them have failed to deliver the goods some have helped them achieve their objectives in the long run. One of these authentic weight loss programs is the keto diet which has gained immense popularity in recent times. However, the query, “Is keto diet unhealthy?” has crept up in the minds of many folks out there. Below, we have provided an answer to this question that will help you decide whether you should follow it or not.

Is Keto Diet Unhealthy?

The best answer to this query will be that keto diet is not healthy for all individuals and can lead to severe health problems over time. Let us delve deeper into this article to know more about this in detail.

Expecting Mothers

It will not be advisable for a pregnant lady to stick to any sort of diet regime, and instead, she ought to consume an additional 400 calories on a regular basis. The same is true when it comes to keto diet and several studies on rodents have revealed the fact that maternal ketosis can trigger fetal abnormalities in the long run.

Keto diet does not provide the much-needed nutrients to the expecting mothers and this makes it rather unsafe for them eventually. As a matter of fact, as compared to carbs and proteins, fats do not consist of many nutritional elements at all.

According to many experts, it is of prime importance to nourish your infants while you are pregnant. Unfortunately, keto diets won’t provide any food rich in nutrients such as fruits which are full of minerals and vitamins. All these can play a significant role in the development of a child.

Lactating females

Women that are breastfeeding are typically advised by the physicians to stay away from strict diet routines. The reason for this is that a sudden loss of weight can stop the production of milk over time. In fact, more sugar and carbs are essential for the production of milk.

Keto diets will restrict the intake of fruits as well as healthy grains which is not recommended for the lactating mothers out there. Inadequate consumption of starchy food items like potatoes, beans, and whole grains can affect our gut health given that the beneficial bacteria ingest the fiber present in those foods.

Make it a point to take the advice of your medical practitioner prior to making any significant alteration to your normal diet plan, particularly if you happen to be a breastfeeding mom.


Next, in this detailed discussion on the topic, “Is keto diet unhealthy?” we are going to talk about the effects keto diet can have on the kids. As a matter of fact, it is not advisable for any child to opt for keto diet unless they happen to be suffering from obesity or epilepsy. Here, we like to mention that the dietary requirements of the children are different from that of the grown-ups.

Kids ought to be provided with several types of carbohydrates such as fruits, dairy products as well as whole grains which will help them to develop properly. However, keto diet will not offer these types of carbs to the little ones.


Hopefully, these above-mentioned facts have provided a proper reply to the query “Is keto diet unhealthy?”. Although this low-carb high-fat diet will enable us to slim down successfully, it can prove to be unsafe for some people like the ones mentioned above. Always consult with your doctor before you start keto dieting.

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