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A Detailed Beginner’s Guide To Keto Diet


A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate, with fat content foods which are meant to lower the blood sugar levels and extra fats in the body. Due to the fact that a keto diet requires fats one must include this food in this diet, usually 170 grams of fat, 30 grams of carbs and 60 grams of protein.

A Keto diet for beginners should be followed regularly to get the most out of it. This diet applies to both men and women.

Foods to say no to

As a beginner always limit yourself when consuming foods rich in the carb.

• Alcohol

Alcohol contains high sources of carbohydrates and should be avoided at whatever costs if an individual wants to gain the most when in the keto diet. Alcoholic drinks are associated with pushing one’s ketosis away.

• Unnecessary fats

Avoid consuming processed oils e.g. mayonnaise and vegetables oils.

• Tubers and root vegetables

These foods include carrots, turnips, both potatoes, and sweet potatoes, parsnips. They contain high levels of starch which are to be avoided when maintaining this diet.

• Sugary foods

Every human being loves these kinds of foods which are difficult to avoid because of their good taste and flavor. They include drinks such as sodas, smoothies and fruit juices and foods such as cakes, ice cream, and sweets which are to be avoided.

• Grains

Wheat-based products, rice, pasta and cereals which provide the body with faster sources of energy.

• Fruits

Generally, this applies to all kinds of fruits except for a few instances such as strawberries.

• Legumes

They are known to provide the body with fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which this diet is highly against.

Keto diet foods

• Meat

Take a variety of these foods; do not stick to one kind. Red meat, steak, both chicken and turkey, ham and bacon are recommended.

• Healthy oils

Go for avocado oils, coconut oils, and olive oils since they are natural oils directly from plants.

• Condiments

These are substances meant to add flavor to food. Go for salts, mustard among others.

• Eggs

Preferable go for eggs rich in omega 3.

• Cheese

Go for the unprocessed version preferable cheddar, cream, blue or mozzarella, and goat

• Low Carbohydrate vegetables

Green veggies, onions, peppers, and tomatoes should be part of your diet.

• Avocado

Preferably go for the fresh ones.

Sample of a three-day keto diet


Breakfast: an egg, chicken, and tomatoes
Lunch: red meat with avocado oil and feta cheese
Supper: tuna cooked in butter.


Breakfast: eggs with avocado and onion spices
Lunch: salmon salad with olive oil and avocado
Supper: pork cooked in cheese, broccoli and salad


Breakfast: ham and cheese omelet with veggies
Lunch: white fish, spinach cooked in avocado oil
Supper: steak and salad

Ensure that your diet has a strict guide of foods throughout the week with veggies being a part of every meal you eat. With this diet, an individual is able to get some further advantages that come with these foods.

  • These foods reduce the chances of one contacting heart diseases
  • Can help one recover quickly from brain injuries
  • Diabetes is mitigated
  • Weight loss

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